How Far Would You Fall For Love?


A teenager from an abusive household falls in love with a free-spirited runaway that leads him into the fast-lane lifestyle of drugs and addiction which threatens to destroy him.

Writer/Director: Ashley Avis

Producers: Larry Hummel | Edward Winters

Cast: India EisleyMickey RiverRomeo Miller


Seventeen-year-old Adam's life is shambles. His parents are constantly arguing and he
cannot speak to girls to save his life. His gregarious best friend Keith decides to try to
help, taking Adam from their boring industrial town of Torrence California to the lively,
bright and unpredictable Venice Beach. Tere, Adam finally talks to a girl, a beautiful
runaway named Alice, who invites Adam into her world.

Adam proceeds to fall in love with the enigmatic Alice, sparking and sinking into the
flames of a co-dependent relationship. To ease his emotional pain, Alice introduces Adam
to the fast lane lifestyle of parties and drugs, which eventually leads to experimenting and
then developing an addiction to heroine.

As Adam slips further away from his family, Keith becomes increasingly worried and
begins to investigate why Adam has disappeared. With the help of Alice's surrogate father,
an aging musician named Shepherd, the two drag Adam out of the hell he has gotten
himself into and force him to detox.

As Adam physically recovers, so do his senses... and he attempts to do what Keith and
Shepherd did for him, which is to go back, and try to save the love of his life: Alice.