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Writer / Director

Ashley Avis is an American screenwriter and filmmaker. She was born in Chicago, Illinois to Richard Avis and Victoria Woods, and has one brother, Richard Avis. She is married to Edward Winters, who is her partner in their Los Angeles based production company, Winterstone Pictures.

Ashley's work has been called "timelessly romantic" (White Lies Magazine), "elegantly sensual" (Elite Daily), and "tasteful, blending innocence with seduction" (Red Hot Society).

Writer / Director: Adolescence

Some stills of Ashley directing ADOLESCENCE:



"I love every aspect of the process..."

Ashley Avis

Why Do You Make Movies?

“I’ve always had a great love for a number of things that apply to my pursuits now in film:  language, poetry, striking visuals and landscapes, the temperature of light, and human psychology - especially as related to love.  Those are the elements that I think translate best to what I seek out to tell and photograph in the films that I’ve done, and the ones I hope to do.

“When I was a kid, I thought I would become a novelist. I was very shy when I was younger, reading a book a day, just consuming everything I could read.  I loved the escapism of books, of faraway places, of transformation or swan stories.  Getting to live multiple lives through those stories and characters.  I think that is why I so deeply love what I do now - helping to create a translation from the written page to a visual experience for an audience, one that is visually beautiful and emotionally captivating. 

“My influences range from e.e. cummings to Hemingway to Anne McCaffery’s science fiction novels (I would readily give a non-essential appendage to direct her Dragonriders of Pern series) to Terence Malick and Gus van Sant.  I love anything nautical.  I am drawn to landscapes, striking scenery, and intimate complex character relationships.

“I suppose the simplest answer to why I make films is because I love every aspect of the process - from development, to production, to post.”