Frankie Ingrassia



Frankie Ingrassia recently wrapped production on her directorial debut, Vampire Dad, set to release in the fall of 2018. She has been reoccurring as the snarky bartender on Amazon's, Goliath opposite Billy Bob Thornton as well as a reoccurring voice on Tyler The Creator's cartoon The Jellie's, on Cartoon Network. 

Producer: Concrete Kids

Why do you make movies?

I would be writing books if I couldn’t work on films. I can’t help myself, I love stories. Growing up as an actor, film is my first language so therefore I lean in that direction.  These days my passion for filmmaking has matured into a social platform. Not that I want to jump on a soap box with every film, but I do want to be careful with the stories I choose to get behind. I want to make films that I relate to, that inspire me, motivate me, take me on a journey or make me laugh. In fact, if I can make the world laugh for a few hours then I am a success. 

What story do you want to tell?

The next story I want to tell is a true story about a woman who ends up learning to fight for herself after getting knocked down over and over. It’s a comedy with a super dark edge. I’d like to direct this one and I think I will. 

What’s your story?

My story?  Well, lets see…. I am a woman trying to get out of a box.  
I am doing what I love and sometimes that is writing, sometimes acting, sometimes producing and sometimes I direct. 
If I get asked one more time, which are you going to pick? I may scream.  Why do I have to pick? Why can’t I do all?
I have thus far. I don’t see men getting asked the same question.  
Was that the question? :) 

What do you want to achieve in your craft?

I’d like to be directing a few episodic's every year and at least one film a year. 
I’d also like to keep working as an actor on at least two shows at once. 

Consistency. In summary, I’d like to be consistent in my work flow - and telling stories that make me happy. 
Oh, and I’d like to have complete creative freedom in the films I make, preferably fantasy. 
If I could make something like the Adventures of Baron Munchausen or the Never Ending Story, I’d be pretty happy. 
Both stories are about imagination for the imagination, we need these kinds of things more than ever! 

What message were you trying to relay with Concrete Kids?

Concrete Kids is about finding your tribe, these kids go out seeking what they think is their family and find their real tribe along the way. I can relate to that. I grew up without knowing my father and my friends became very, very valuable to me, they still are. How lucky was I and how lucky are they?
It’s beautiful the way things work out sometimes. 

What was your vision for Concrete Kids when you were making it?

Lije, the director, wrote Concrete Kids and had a very clear vision going in what he was making, I only helped him facilitate that. I know we both wanted to show the heart between these two boys and the love and support they couldn’t get from their immediate family they found in each other. 

What would you tell a young woman with aspirations to be a filmmaker?

Don't be afraid. If you want to do it, then do it. You can’t be lazy and you can’t expect others to do it for you. Roll up those sleeves and dive in. Do anything and everything you can in the beginning and learn everything! School never hurt anyone. 

What has been your biggest struggle as a filmmaker?

I can give you a nice answer or the truth. The nice answer is finding the right stories and the time. 
The truth?  Finding the money, raising the money, working for free, and being taken seriously as a woman to get the money. 

These things have been a real bitch at times, not going to lie. Even other women don’t always want to see you succeed.  You are on your own.

Hopefully, this will be shifting in the tide of recent politics and the next generation will help each other; lift one another. The old guard is starting to step down, so the old way of thinking is becoming just that, old. Here’s to the new and the next.  Cheers ladies. 

What do you see as the biggest struggle going forward?

There is so much content now, so many sources, how do we find things? No one seems to be curating it.
How do we survive in the wild Wild West?  
How do we get our films seen? 
We may finally get our chance to make it, but who’s watching it? 
It will be very interesting to see where the streaming platforms take us in the future. 
I’d love to see some curation, like we would in an art gallery. 
Right now, we are all over loaded and underwhelmed. 

Oh and also… we need to highlight the marginalized, as we are seeing recently, there is a lot of money to be made outside the lines. Pay attention!