Producer / Actress

A Canadian-born American actress and model, she starred alongside America Olivo and Erin Cummings' in the action film Bitch Slap (2009), playing down-on-her-luck stripper named Trixie. The film went to The Cannes International Film Festival and The Toronto International Film Festival, among others. She also appeared on ABC's Castle (2009), the CW's series Supernatural: The Third Man(2010), playing Lana, as well as on ABC Family's Huge (2010) as Chelsey in the episodes "Parents Weekend: 1" and "Parents Weekend: 2". In August 2012 she began filming a 13-part CityTV multi-cam comedy, Package Deal (2013), co-starring with Harland Williams. "Package Deal."

Producer / Actress: Hard Surfaces


Why do you make movies?

I have always enjoyed the storytelling aspect of filmmaking. As an actress I love getting to explore different kinds people. Learning what makes them love and what makes them tick. But you have very little control over whether you got the job or not, so I started producing to be more in charge of my career. Seeking out products and characters that speak to me and making them come to life from the ground up.

What story do you want to tell?

I’m interested in anything that moves me, makes me think, or is it really unique perspective. 

What’s your story?

I’ve been very lucky to have only had two jobs my whole life, OK now three. I was a model when I was younger and I transitioned into acting about 10 years ago, and now I am producing as well. But I like to think my story still being written. 

What do you want to achieve in your craft?

I think just being a working actor or producer is a great accomplishment. And I want to see that continuing for me. More specifically I want to be part of projects that support female voices.. Stories with strong female protagonist, female directors and writers. I think there’s so many interesting perspective is that women have and it would be great to help share their talent.  

What message were you trying to relay with Hard Surfaces?

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That dramatic change is possible, that we are never truly stuck in our situations and that our demons don’t have to control us. And we have the power to truly change and be the best versions of ourselves. 

What was your vision for Hard Surfaces when you were making it?

I wanted to see it make the festival circuit (which we have successfully done) and ultimately I want it in a place where it’s accessible to everyone. I think it’s a film that speaks to a lot of people. 

What would you tell a young woman with aspirations to be a filmmaker?

There’s a lot of great changes happening in this industry but unfortunately it’s still kind of a man’s world. So stay true to yourself, know your value, and speak up for your rights and also your ideas. 

What has been your biggest struggle as a filmmaker?

Definitely getting the money. We raised everything through private investors and a bit of post we got from crowdfunding. Our movie had to sit on the shelf off and on for a couple years just because we didn’t have the money to finish it, but persistence pays off.

What do you see as the biggest struggle going forward?

I’m not a writer so for me it’s finding content that I can help develop.