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“Completely riveting” – QuietEarth.

Los Angeles, CA (March 12, 2019) – North of Two announces Writer/Director Zach Wilcox’s (Cornered, Legend of the Red Reaper) eight-time award winning slow-burner, ‘HUNTING LANDS’, will receive its US release today, March 12th, learned Horror Society exclusively. 

“Part revenge picture, part atmospheric thriller, and part character study, HUNTING LANDS is quite the surprise,” wrote Screen Anarchy.   

Co-written with four-time winner, Josh Amato (Hunting Lands, Found You Righteous, Invisible Witness), HUNTING LANDS follows Frank Olsen (Marshall Cook), a reclusive veteran who lives amongst the isolated, icy woodlands of Michigan, yearning to escape from the complexities of the modern world. But, Frank’s silent and solitary lifestyle is suddenly disrupted after he witnesses an attempted murder by an unknown culprit (Joe Raffa) on his property. Discovering Maggie (Kenya Reynolds), a discarded, beaten woman, fighting for her life in the snow, Frank must decide if he’s willing to risk his obscurity to confront the imperfections of civilization, to seek the truth and instill justice for the fateful stranger. 

As a slow-burn thriller, HUNTING LANDS takes a simplistic and minimalistic approach, providing little dialogue and allowing the visuals and actions to relay all the information needed. Suspenseful and enthralling, HUNTING LANDS is “the kind of film that digs a burrow inside your brain, crawls inside your psyche’ and creates a psychological itch that can’t easily be scratched. It’s the kind of film that starts off quietly, then plays ping-pong with your emotions once you’ve gotten to know these characters and you understand, really understand, what’s going on,” wrote The Independent Critic.

Capturing breathtaking, snowy Midwestern winter to the eerie, desolate in the woods, six-time award winning cinematographer / executive producer, Edwin Pendleton Stevens (HBO’s The Defiant Ones), immerses the audience within the engaging mystery-thriller, gripping with tension, waiting on edge for what comes next. HUNTING LANDS made its premiere last March at the Cinequest Film Festival and has continued on the festival circuit successfully, receiving eight wins and ten nominations. Such accolades include receiving the Silver Remi Award for Best Dramatic Feature (WorldFest Houston), Best Feature Film and Best Screenplay – Feature (IIFC), Best of Festival (Alexandria Film Festival) and also received Best of Festival for Best Cinematography at the Richmond International Film Festival and at Newport Beach Film Festival. 

North of Two will release HUNTING LANDS onto various US streaming platforms (Amazon, DIRECTV, Vudu, Vimeo on Demand, Fandango, Sling/Dish) beginning March 12th. Watch the official trailer here:


If you could only choose one – your career, your significant other, or keeping your 9-year-old niece out of a children’s home – what would you choose?


Los Angeles, CA (March 5, 2019) – North of Two – Adrian, a functioning drug addict and famous photographer, inherits his sister’s 12-year-old daughter when she dies and must face the life changes of becoming a responsible parent.

North of Two announces the release of Writer-Producer, Zach Brown’s directorial debut, HARD SURFACES (2017) onto US digital platforms today, March 5th. Watch it on DIRECTV here.


The seven-time award-winning dramatic narrative film, previously titled The Moleskin Diary, is a heartwarming and compelling feature following Winston-Salem photographer, Adrian Trace (Shawn Pyfrom of Desperate Housewives), who grew up as an orphan with his sister, Samantha (Mariana Novak). Famed for his unique photographing style of capturing drug addicts, Adrian’s art begins to imitate life when he begins partying hard and using drugs with his trophy-girlfriend Liz (Julia Voth), attempting to drown out his painful childhood past. But, when the unexpected death of Adrian’s sister leaves him with her 9-year-old daughter, Maddy (Hannah Stock), Adrian is suddenly forced to face his inner demons and darkest secrets, sacrificing life as he knows it to keep Maddy out of a children’s home.


Evoking genuine, compelling and emotional responses, HARD SURFACESis an intense and intimate story portraying just how far people would really go for those they call family.

HARD SURFACEShad its world premiere at WorldFest Houston in April 2017 where the drama was awarded three wins: Gold Remi Award for Best First Feature, Critics’ Choice Awards for Best Supporting Actress and Best Young Performer. HARD SURFACEShas continued to rack-up film festival accolades, winning Best Screenplay at the 2017 Downtown Film Festival Los Angeles, and also found three victories at the 2018 Idyllwild International Festival of Cinema: Best Director, Best Supporting Actress – Feature and Best of Festival.


Featuring top-notch and local talent,HARD SURFACESstars two-time winning force, Julia Voth (Package Deal,Bitch Slap), multi-awarded and nominatedShawn Pyfrom (Desperate Housewives,The Division), Hannah Stock (The Ganzfeld Haunting,She Comes in Spring) and Mariana Novak (Ozark,Watchmen). Watch the official trailer here: